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    Robert of spades  

This seems like a good place to mention some of the words I’ve coined:

malescribism (MAL-uh-scri-bism): An uncontrollable urge to string words together in an intuitive way, writing carelessly and unpersuasively.

malescribe: A person suffering from malescribism.

alumnot: A person who didn’t attend a particular college. Example: I went to Furman, so I’m a Harvard alumnot.

niephew: A niece or nephew.

cellphie: A photo of oneself taken with a cell phone.

acronymonic (ak-ro-ne-MON-ic): A phrase that reveals the meaning of a name when treating the name as an acronym. Example: Renaissance: Rebirth encompassed new artistic intensity, scientific skepticism, and noteworthy creative effusion.

With that out of the way, let’s move on to some miscellaneous projects I’ve been working on recently.















A perplexing illusion with a business card

Effect: You show a business card, clipped to a playing card, with a torn-off corner. As one would expect, you magically reattach the corner piece...but the trick isn’t over. With a shake of the cards, the tear moves to a different location! You show both cards front and back, and allow the spectator to inspect the business card and torn piece.

Can be done with any business card.

$3.99 (free shipping in U.S.)





coming soon:

Hole in One?

An illusion in which a pencil passes through a dollar bill – without damaging it.




 The Platform of Death

An uplifting video, presented for your amusement.




coming soon:

“Doxology Variation 5,” a new piano arrangement for a familiar tune.




coming soon:

“Psalm 23,” a voice solo with piano accompaniment.



  Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment.
- Barry LePatner