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I had always enjoyed solving crossword puzzles, but had never felt any urge to construct them. Then, on an autumn afternoon in ’07, my brain told me to jump in. Since that fateful day, I’ve published more than 100 puzzles in Games Magazine, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, the Simon & Schuster Mega collections, and other publications. Below you’ll find links to a few of my crosswords. You’ll also find my own collection, featuring 25 never-before published puzzles. You’ll also find out about LogiCross, a new type of puzzle.













Presented for your amusement and enlightenment: a collection of 25 original crossword puzzles in a variety of sizes. They’re fun and challenging, so put on your thinking cap and enjoy.

Click the cover for details at amazon.com.

For a free sample puzzle from the book, just send me an email and ask for it.


25 Crossword Puzzles cover


LogiCross is a new type of puzzle I created a few years ago. It combines the verbal challenge of crosswords with the logical thinking aspect of Sudoku. To solve it, you fill in a grid with words, some of which must be determined from definitions, and some of which are provided. The other interesting part: no numbers on the grid.

7 LogiCross Puzzles

Available for $1.99. Provide your email address and I’ll send one PDF file with the puzzles and another with the solutions.

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    LogiCross example


One of my mysteries, A Most Puzzling Murder, gave me a chance to incorporate what I know about puzzles and the puzzling community into a whodunit. Click the cover to find out more at amazon.com.


A Most Puzzling Murder cover


“Common Interests,” my first published puzzle, appeared in The New York Times on Sunday, 28 March 08. You can see it here.

“100 Years of Puzzling,” in The Los Angeles Times on 12 December 13, celebrated – you guessed it – 100 years of acrosses and downs. You can see it here.

One of my favorites is “Critical Periods,” which apppeared in The New York Times on 18 July 10. You can see it here.

“Mocking Time” appeared in The Los Angeles Times on 1 August 13. You can see it here.


crossword puzzle titled Common Interests


Need a custom crossword puzzle or word search puzzle to celebrate a special event? I can provide what you need! Email me for details.


custom puzzle example


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